State of Quirk - Secrets of the Vintage Craftswoman
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Secrets of the Vintage Craftswoman

My Great Grandmother, Charlotte Annie, was widowed in the Edwardian era due to a bungled appendix operation performed on her otherwise young and healthy husband.  Leaving her with two children under five and no visible means of support.  She found herself forced into the role of the major breadwinner, working from home as a seamstress; taking in paid work and turning discarded adult dresses and suits into impeccable outfits for her children. Re working, stitching, darning, sewing by fading light; her gift was in her hands.  Secrets of the Vintage Craftswomen remembers  Charlotte  Annie – and  the  scores  of courageous, sassy  women who had to learn to make do and mend, buy a skirt for a few pennies and transform it into a statement of elegance…then  wear it  with aplomb.