Building a Beautiful Life is the Adventure

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Welcome to State of Quirk. Where the offbeat is celebrated and the whimsical sought after, and highly prized.

I think about the year spent living above the 17th Century stables of an East German castle, and the joy of the Saturday flea market trophies – piles of history strewn on tables filed alongside the banks of the River Elbe. Glorious plunder; enough to make the knees of the most astute bargain hunter wobbly.

Some of it is woven through this first collection, perched next to most wonderful tat grabbed during hunting sessions in London’s flea markets. Listening to the vendors shouting, ‘Quality junk’, and, ‘All our money nearly goes to charity’, while grabbing what you can before somebody else more determined elbows you out of the way. Climbing onto a stash of vintage clothing, and sitting at the top of the pile – the best vantage point for fossicking and spying out that precious collectible. A collection of vintage 30’s lingerie was a rare find, as was the 1920s ivory satin wedding dress discovered at a Saturday morning beach front market. The secret? Always keep that treasure seeking radar out, take the time to travel to the places where the possibilities await; antique shops, junk shops, road side stalls, car boot sales, the cupboards and drawers of friends who are willing to make trades. Anywhere old and discarded bits await to be turned into an item of beauty and value by those who can dream and envision. Something of worth awaits behind the clutter, the musty smell, even the dirt, you only need to begin to think outside of the box.IMG_0222

Bargain hunting is nothing new, and remaking and reusing has gone on for decades. But we live in interesting times, as collectively we learn the value of preserving and enhancing the past. And as economically, and environmentally we feel the urgency of need to protect our planet and her resources.

Building a beautiful life, on a shoe string, is the challenge for many women. And it doesn’t have to be any old brown, white, or grey shoe string either… there should be colour and pattern and experimentation with great abandon. And we can help one another get there. In the process of learning to live and enjoy a simple but whacky lifestyle there will be some adventures alright.

And now for the latest adventure, a collection that aims to please a lot and surprise a little.

The first State of Quirk offerings.

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