About State of Quirk

About State of Quirk

I am a designer – maker and  work with recycled items to create unique jewellery and accessories for the adornment of the creative and quirky woman who is seeking something a little different. Recycling and resource sharing is central to my ethos and way of life.  I see it as circular, believing the more we share our resources both in our communities and globally, the more we experience the satisfaction of giving and seeing our own needs met.  In the relentless consumer culture we find ourselves in, anything recycled and re used has got to be good for the planet.  And the less waste the better.

A major theme of my work is the way women in times past have shaped our lives today.  Through the example of their phenomenal courage and resourcefulness, often in times of great economic and social hardship.  There are countless women through the ages who have built a cottage industry, working from their kitchen tables, often far into the night, to provide themselves with the basic where with all to feed and clothe their families.  Women struggling through seasons of loss, relocation, war time, widows and solo parents, women struggling to keep head above water during the Depression.  Helping one another in the true sense of community.  Making do and mending, beautifying their world as best they could, and in the process adorning themselves with flair and pizazz.  Let’s honour them and their changing faces as they march their way through each successive decade.

Virtually all the resources used are vintage and many are antique.  When semi precious gemstones, or occasional new and unusual beads and findings are added, this will always be clearly listed.  My stash of vintage treasures have been painstakingly procured over an eight year period – during hours of trawling antique shops, car boot sales, 2nd hand shops and flea markets, and allow me to tell a story using unique and individual pieces.

State of Quirk jewellery is for sale at Trelise Cooper Wellington and Designer Clothing Gallery Greytown, South Wararapa.  It is also for sale at a + e Gallery Napier, Village Art Shop Greytown, Cobblestones Pioneer Museum Greytown.

During several years spent living in London, I was a member of  the South London Women’s recycled arts collective  Skip Sisters, and  regularly showed  work at Jeannie Avent Gallery in East Dulwich, as well as at craft and eco fairs.  Creating and selling necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, handbags and purses, key rings, cushions, clocks and customised clothing.  I owe a great debt of gratitude to the Skip Sisters women, for the way they skill shared and educated me, and for their unique off beat personalities and artistic talent.  A year living in a castle in Dresden, Germany, at an alternative music arts community – Kunstlerkommunitat Schloss Rohrsdorf, gave the opportunity to resource gather and further develop my design style.

My work has been sold in New Zealand at Hope and Glory gift shop, The Village Art Shop Greytown, Aratoi Museum, artist Jane Kellahan’s Martinborough Gallery, and the Greytown Arts Festival, and has also included private commissions using either my own pieces or a clients’ own treasures and relics.

I love that the necklace is quirky and moody.  I love that you took my brooch and balanced it with the pen nib, which, as someone who loves to write, feels very personal.  I feel like you took a piece of my personality and turned it into a necklace.

Evie, London UK

My husband commissioned State of Quirk to make a necklace for me at Christmas.  I had no idea.  The necklace that was created for me is just perfect, with its silver feather and lacy pieces of chain.  It’s more than a necklace, it’s a statement about who I am on the inside, and who I hope to be.

Justine Greytown NZ

Angie has a creative, beautiful and generous soul that infuses her work and infuses her life.  I love the whimsy, the precision, the style, and the sass put into each piece.  These pieces are a treasure to me.

Shannon NY USA

State of Quirk jewellery reflects exquisitely unique pieces that are stylish and fun to wear. The rare vintage pieces she weaves into her work create historical signatures that endure across generations and add a richness to my accessories, that receive regular and favourable comments.

Maria Greytown NZ

A necklace was commissioned for me as a birthday surprise present from my husband.  It was thoughtfully designed and really fits me and my personality well.  I love it and always get comments from people when I wear it.

Christine Christchurch NZ

After My Mum died I just couldn’t bear to part with her jewellery but I didn’t really want to wear it either.  State of Quirk has crafted me something absolutely beautiful that I love to wear and that makes me feel like I have honoured my Mum

Gail Auckland, NZ

A percentage of my profits are donated to charities working to rehabilitate women caught in the web of human trafficking. Recycled art turns the lost and discarded into works of beauty, and there is a parallel in the way these broken women search to find the person they have lost within themselves, to somehow believe they can be beautiful and of worth again.  Charitable donations will also be made to the Charlotte Leatherbarrow Foundation, a London charity funding gifted but economically disadvantaged young dancers and performers. Established by precious friends Neil and Karen Leatherbarrow, in memory of their beautiful dancer daughter Charlotte, lost so young but always remembered.

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